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    There are three automatic production lines developed independently by Fangzheng, Which produce three different steel strapping finishes: Blue treated, painted, and galvanized strapping. The annual production capacity reaches 100,000 tons. There is also a selection of sizes, strengths and tensions for each strapping finish which matches the specific requirements from our customers.
    Production line #1 produces customized steel strappings, which are used in communication cable industry and oil delivery pipe industry, and also meets particular demands of packaging industry. The annual production capacity of production line #1 reaches 20,000 tons.

    Galvanized steel strappings are manufactured on Production Line #2, which is an automatic hot dip galvanizing line. The process of hot hip galvanizing enhances the corrosion resistance of our galvanized products by comparing with electro galvanizing. The galvanized steel strappings are widely used in non-ferrous metal industry, galvanized steel pipe industry, and graphite industry. The annual production capacity of #2 is 40,000 tons.

    Production line #3 produces the blue treated and painted strapping, for use in industries including steel, non-ferrous metal, construction, glass, cotton textile, etc. The annual production capacity of #3 is 40,000 tons.

    Storage capacity of our warehouse for raw materials is 6,000 tons, and also Fangzheng has a 0.5-5 x 1600mm precision steel coil slitting line.
    Fangzheng has an agreement with our raw-material suppliers to tailor raw materials through the specific smelting technologies, hot-rolled process, and cold-rolled process, to reach our particular requirements of the chemical composition, mechanical property, shape, dimension, weights, surface finishes, etc.
    Each batch will be tested before used for production from dimension and weights, mental bend, breaking strength, and elongation. The records of testing data will be discussed with our raw-material suppliers regularly to continue improving the reliability of our raw materials. Consistent high quality makes Fangzheng your best choice among packaging professionals worldwide.

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